Palette Knife Painting for sale Sulcata Tortoise Original Acrylic Painting


 Palette Knife Painting for sale Sulcata Tortoise Original Acrylic Painting

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This is an Original Painting

Size: 10″ X 10″
1 1/2” inch crapped around

Title “ Wandering Free”

Cost $150.00

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The Inspiration:

There is quite a few words in English that for some reason my tongue doesn’t seem to manage the pronunciation, but working in the animal field particularly with exotic animal years back in my young days I often got teased in a good way by coworkers and now long time friends by this primary words which surprisingly were use so often if not almost on daily basis … Canary, hippopotamus, turtle and tortoise.

Well let me tell you after living in the USA and being this country my adopted home for almost 3 decades I still can’t manage to say this words properly … some things never change with age.
But I love painting and today’s painting was of a Sulcata Tortoise.

As an annual Carnival is organized by incredible group of ladies and members of a Booster Club at my son’s school and there is always fun surprises and games for the students, they go above and beyond on this school annual carnival. Last year they invited a reptile presentator, he had all kinds of critters and reptilians to show the kids and some of this rare looking critters were allowed to be petted.

A huge Sulcata Tortoise was wandering at her own leisure … free with supervision and engorging herself on the dandelions flowers while the exhibit was on; (this is were the title for this sulcata tortoise palette knife painting got inspired)

It was so much fun to see the students petting this incredible large moving “rock” and being so gentle with this ancient giant …Oh yes! you bid I had to tickle those funny looking tortoise feet …Life is good!

Sulcata Tortoise Original Painting

Canvas wrapped palette knife painting


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