Quality unique gifts with fantasy and playful flare whimsicalgiftshop.com offers  hand crafted, artistic, unique gifts and souvenirs delivered to your door.

Welcome to my whimsical gift shop.

I am an Artist working in multiple art mediums…
My passion are animals, I love their many forms, shapes, breeds, species, and personalities; that’s why you will see them portraying in my art many times.

I work mainly in Commissioned art – pet portraiture and artistic graphic design. I love Handcrafted items and I offer handmade gifts with a touch of whimsey.

Every Handcrafted piece is created with care and artistic dedication.

I’m always in the pursuit of new challenges in the World of Arts, so don’t be surprise to find listed in this pages for sale something totally bizarre or unusual… and handcrafted by me!.

Ines Miller